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Konversionsraten ALA-->EPA/DHA

 von Markus , 02.07.2014 09:15


ich bin letzthin wieder über dieses Thema gestolpert und würde es hier gerne diskutieren:

αLNA = Alpha-Linolensäure = "pflanzliches Omega 3"

Studies using chronically increased αLNA intake or using a single bolus of isotopically-labelled αLNA yield the same conclusion: that conversion of αLNA to longer-chain PUFA, particularly DHA, in humans appears to be limited. However, there are important differences between men and women in capacity for synthesis of EPA and DHA from αLNA and this may be affected by physiological state (e.g., pregnancy). If demands for EPA and DHA are modest and primarily serve to support membrane turnover and renewal in adults, then it is possible that in healthy individuals consuming a balanced diet limited capacity for synthesis of EPA and DHA may be sufficient to maintain tissue function. However, in situations where demand for long chain n-3 PUFA, especially DHA, is increased (e.g., during pregnancy and lactation), then synthesis from αLNA may be insufficient to meet the demand, although there may be physiological mechanisms by which αLNA conversion is up-regulated.

Also bei gesunden Erwachsenen (also nicht mehr im Wachstum) könnte(!) die Konversion möglicherweise(!) ausreichen(!), die bestehendne Zellmembrane und Gehirnzellen zu versorgen.

The use of ALA labelled with radioisotopes suggested that with a background diet high in saturated fat conversion to long-chain metabolites is approximately 6% for EPA and 3.8% for DHA. With a diet rich in n-6 PUFA, conversion is reduced by 40 to 50%.. Restricted conversion to DHA may be critical since evidence has been increasing that this long-chain metabolite has an autonomous function, e.g. in the brain, retina and spermatozoa where it is the most prominent fatty acid.

International Journal for Vitamin and Nutrition Research. Internationale Zeitschrift fur Vitamin- und Ernahrungsforschung. Journal International de Vitaminologie et de Nutrition [1998, 68(3):159-173]

Also eine vegane Low-Fat-Diät, bei der fast nur 06 und Leinöl auf den Tisch einer Schwangeren kommt: das ist der Worst-Case...

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