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Livestock: On our plates or eating at our table? A new analysis of the feed/food debate

 von Markus , 26.09.2017 16:37


86% of the global livestock feed intake in dry matter consists of feed materials that are not currently edible for humans

Contrary to commonly cited figures, 1 kg of meat requires 2.8 kg of human-edible feed for ruminants and 3.2 for monogastrics

Livestock consume one third of global cereal production and uses about 40% of global arable land

Livestock use 2 billion ha of grasslands, of which about 700 million could be used as cropland

Modest improvements in feed conversion ratios can prevent further expansion of arable land dedicated to feed production.

"Also mir gefällt es, wie die Muslime ihre Frauen behandeln. Ich wähle auf keine Fall AfD. Ich finde es viel pikanter, das ganze Gleichstellungs- und Feminismus-Gedöns indirekt anzugreifen, indem ich SPD oder Grüne wähle.".

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