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Secular differences in the association between caloric intake, macronutrient intake, and physical activity with obesity

 von Markus , 17.06.2017 16:18

Kalorien- und Aktivitätsbereinigt sind Amerikaner heute 2,3 BMI-Punkte schwerer als in den 1980ern.

Mehr Endokrine Disruptoren, geänderte Darmbiome, mehr Streß durch soziale medien/ständige Erreichbarkeit, weniger Schlaf,mehr Fertigfrass oder lag es doch an den relativ mehr Carbs? Es darf sich jedes Tierchen gerne sein Plaisierchen gönnen

Aber eines ist klar, die Formel

Gewichtsunterschied= Kalorien Rein -Kalorien Raus

geht so nicht auf.


To determine whether the relationship between caloric intake, macronutrient intake, and physical activity with obesity has changed over time.

Dietary data from 36,377 U.S. adults from the National Health and Nutrition Survey (NHANES) between 1971 and 2008 was used. Physical activity frequency data was only available in 14,419 adults between 1988 and 2006. Generalised linear models were used to examine if the association between total caloric intake, percent dietary macronutrient intake and physical activity with body mass index (BMI) was different over time.

Between 1971 and 2008, BMI, total caloric intake and carbohydrate intake increased 10–14%, and fat and protein intake decreased 5–9%. Between 1988 and 2006, frequency of leisure time physical activity increased 47–120%. However, for a given amount of caloric intake, macronutrient intake or leisure time physical activity, the predicted BMI was up to 2.3 kg/m2 higher in 2006 that in 1988 in the mutually adjusted model (P < 0.05).

Factors other than diet and physical activity may be contributing to the increase in BMI over time. Further research is necessary to identify these factors and to determine the mechanisms through which they affect body weight.

«I also think it’s safe to suggest that since our ancestors were undoubtedly active on a regular basis, their robust bone densities indicate a pretty decent physique – unless they somehow found a steady source of fructose-rich honey, continuously gorged on root strips fried in a hollowed-out buffalo skull filled with boiling tallow, and developed an insulin-resistant belly to cover up those muscles.« (Mark Sisson)

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