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nimmt hier jemand PQQ? Wurde hier bisher nirgends erwähnt.

Scheint ein breites Wirkingsspektrum zu haben:




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#2 von Chris (edubily) , 14.06.2014 22:38

Hey Max,

ja kenne ich. Ist auch ein hochinteressantes Produkt gerade im Bezug auf Herzpatienten.

Wirkt aber ähnlich wie Resveratrol, Nicotinamid etc. via AMPk, PGC1-alpha etc.

Ganz vergessen: Das Geniale dabei ist, dass es schon bei sehr geringen Dosen sehr gut wirkt.

Chris (edubily)
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#3 von Jens , 15.06.2014 14:33

Ja klar, PQQ. Auch so ein Mittel, das kaum einer kennt aber wohl sehr wichtig ist.
Bei LEF.org konnte man das schon vor einiger zeit lesen, auch Jack Kruse hat darüber schon ausführilch berichtet.
Scheit auch perfekt in Kombination mit Carnosin
Hier ein Auszug aus dem was Kruse schreibt:

PQQ has two major effects that make it critical.
One is that it stimulatory to mitochondrial biogenesis. If you read my mitochondrial series from June of 2011 you will see why this is critical to reengineer a human to optimal. Since I have written extensively about leptin, energy efficiency is critical to optimization. If one is energy deficient due to leptin resistance (hormone cascade disruption) or due to poor mitochondrial function (inability to make energy well) there is little chance of getting someone to optimal quickly. My leptin Rx solves the steroid cascade problem. PQQ is the tune up that the furnace needs. Remember that our mitochondria are the engines that drive our metabolisms. If one is devoid of energy we call that person a cadaver. If one is lacking in energy they are either leptin resistant or the owner of a bunch of bad mitochondria. Most people on a non paleo diet have a Nissan Sentra engine in their Ferrari body. There is a huge energy mismatch of what their bodies want to do and what they really can do. This obviously effects basic functions and the ability to exercise too.

The second major is glycation control from AGE’s and ALE’s. Carnosine has been shown to inhibit glycation early in the process, thus helping protect against further damage as we age. Carnosine is found in large amounts in red meat. When one makes the change to paleo the substrate for electrons in our food is red grass fed meat loaded with carnosine. Some other little known facts in our community about carnosine is that its levels fall off rather dramatically in humans as we age. It has also been shown in research that high levels of carnosine are also seen clinically with humans with long telomere lengths. This means they live longer lives. Longer telomeres are directly tied to mitochondrial healthy and optimal functioning. This biology was worked out by Nobel Prize winner Elizabeth Blackburn’s lab at UCSF in 2009. So it is clear that having great mitochondria is critical if you are going to make the superior substrate jump in a paleo lifestyle. PQQ will help you with that.

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