Hormonregeneration mittels Antioxidanzien

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Natürlich nur in vitro:

Radiat Phys Chem Oxf Engl 1993. Aug 2011; 80(8): 890–894.
doi: 10.1016/j.radphyschem.2011.04.001
PMCID: PMC3134113
Photo-induced regeneration of hormones by electron transfer processes: Potential biological and medical consequences
Nikola Getoff,a,[low asterisk] Johannes Hartmann,b Heike Schittl,a Marion Gerschpacher,b and Ruth Maria Quinta


Based on the previous results concerning electron transfer processes in biological substances, it was of interest to investigate if hormone transients resulting by e.g. electron emission can be regenerated.

The presented results prove for the first time that the hormone transients originating by the electron emission process can be successfully regenerated by the transfer of electrons from a potent electron donor, such as vitamin C (VitC). Investigations were performed using progesterone (PRG), testosterone (TES) and estrone (E1) as representatives of hormones. By irradiation with monochromatic UV light (λ=254 nm) in a media of 40% water and 60% ethanol, the degradation as well as the regeneration of the hormones was studied with each hormone individually and in the mixture with VitC as a function of the absorbed UV dose, using HPLC. Calculated from the obtained initial yields, the determined regeneration of PRG amounted to 52.7%, for TES to 58.6% and for E1 to 90.9%. The consumption of VitC was determined in the same way.

The reported results concerning the regeneration of hormones by the transfer of electrons from an electron donor offer a new, promising method for the therapy with hormones. As a consequence of the regeneration of hormones, a decreased formation of carcinogenic metabolites is expected.
Keywords: Hormone regeneration, Progesterone, Testosterone, Estrone, Cancer, Vitamin C

Wobei die Lösungen wirklich sehr hoch waren, Estron etwa : 1×10−4 mol/L E1 mit 1×10−4 mol/L VitC. Diese Studie dürfte daher eher von akademischem Interesse sein.

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