Skip the salt: your brain might thank you

#1 von Pilki , 29.01.2018 10:42

"Excessive dietary salt can impair cerebral blood flow regulation, resulting in cognitive dysfunction in mice. A ‘gut–brain’ pathway is implicated that links expansion of TH17 lymphocytes in small intestine to elevated bloodstream interleukin-17, which impairs brain perfusion by decreasing nitric oxide production in brain vascular endothelium."

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RE: Skip the salt: your brain might thank you

#2 von Django , 29.01.2018 13:34

Hm, was denn nun? Viel oder wenig Salz?

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RE: Skip the salt: your brain might thank you

#3 von Sven , 29.01.2018 14:28

Die Antwort ist. Es kommt drauf an...

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D Asparaginsäure und Testo
Dietary protein digestion and absorption are impaired during acute postexercise recovery in young men.

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