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So soll die Zivilisation begonnen haben:

Cereal monogamy

Monica Ramsey, an environmental archaeologist at the University of Toronto, Canada, and her colleagues studied phytoliths at the 22,000-year-old Kharaneh IV site in Jordan, one of the first places to show evidence of long-term residence.

To their surprise, they found few phytoliths from cereal grains. Instead, the vast majority of phytoliths came from wetland plants such as rushes and sedges. These plants yield many fewer calories than grains do, but they are available year-round, and in dry years as well as wet ones.

«I also think it’s safe to suggest that since our ancestors were undoubtedly active on a regular basis, their robust bone densities indicate a pretty decent physique – unless they somehow found a steady source of fructose-rich honey, continuously gorged on root strips fried in a hollowed-out buffalo skull filled with boiling tallow, and developed an insulin-resistant belly to cover up those muscles.« (Mark Sisson)

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