Vitamin C — A Game Changer in Treatment of Deadly Sepsis

#1 von Markus , 11.07.2017 13:21

Each year, an estimated 1 million Americans get sepsis and up to half die. Giving patients IV vitamin C with hydrocortisone and thiamine reduced mortality nearly fivefold, from 40 percent to 8.5 percent
A leading sepsis researcher is now planning a multicenter trial to put this novel vitamin C treatment to the test across the nation

«I also think it’s safe to suggest that since our ancestors were undoubtedly active on a regular basis, their robust bone densities indicate a pretty decent physique – unless they somehow found a steady source of fructose-rich honey, continuously gorged on root strips fried in a hollowed-out buffalo skull filled with boiling tallow, and developed an insulin-resistant belly to cover up those muscles.« (Mark Sisson)

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