Connection of stress-associated brain activity with cardiovascular risk

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Mentaler Stress führt zu einem erhöhten Risiko von Herz-Kreislauf-Erkrankungen:

"While the link between stress and heart disease has long been established, the mechanism mediating that risk has not been clearly understood," says Ahmed Tawakol, MD, co-director of the Cardiac MR PET CT Program in the MGH Division of Cardiology and lead author of the paper. "Animal studies have shown that stress activates bone marrow to produce white blood cells, leading to arterial inflammation, and this study suggests an analogous path exists in humans. Moreover, this study identifies, for the first time in animal models or humans, the region of the brain that links stress to the risk of heart attack and stroke."

"Among participants in the larger, longitudinal study, 22 experienced a cardiovascular event—such as a heart attack, stroke or episodes of angina—in the follow-up period; and the prior level of activity in the amygdala strongly predicted the risk of a subsequent cardiovascular event.

Was bringt den Doktor um sein Brot?
a) Die Gesundheit, b) der Tod.
Drum hält der Arzt, auf dass er lebe,
uns zwischen beiden in der Schwebe.
(Eugen Roth)

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