The science of gut health could radically change modern medicine

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Netter Artikel aus Kanada über das Darmbiom:

Within one year, you’ll be able to have  the bacteria that live in your digestive tract  analyzed. Within 10, your grocery list could be tailored to those results.

Chances are you don’t routinely think about the forces roiling in your gut. But all too often, there’s a complicated turf war being waged in there — think of it as an intestinal Game of Thrones.

You might have strange, hard-to-diagnose symptoms of feeling subpar, like bloating, cramps or a persistent brain fog. Or maybe you get every cold that comes around, have chronic sinus infections or suffer from an autoimmune disorder. Power-hungry microbes are likely to blame.

The typical North American gut is home to some 100 trillion representatives of anywhere from 300 to 1,200 different species of bacteria — all vying for real estate. When they work in harmony, these microbes build peaceful kingdoms. In return for their room and board, they happily coax nutrients out of dietary fibre, make vitamins, produce hormones, fend off disease-causing pathogens, regulate our metabolism and fine-tune our immune system. They even influence our moods and affect our behaviour....

"Toleranz wird zum Verbrechen, wenn sie dem Bösen gilt." (Thomas Mann, "Der Zauberberg")

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RE: The science of gut health could radically change modern medicine

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Vielen Dank fürs Teilen! Der Schreibstil gefällt mir - macht das Thema leichter verdaulich.

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