Inactivation of Nitric Oxide by Uric Acid

#1 von Markus , 16.06.2015 16:38

Harnsäure (wie sie vor allem durch viel Fruktose entsteht) baut bevorzugt NO ab (und blockt nebenbei auch die durch Acetylcholin induzierte Weiterstellung von Arterien ab) und fördert so eine endotheliale Dysfunktion (Bluthochdruck, Artheriosklerose...)

The reduction in endothelial NO in cardiovascular disease has been attributed to the action of oxidants that either directly react with NO or uncouple its substrate enzyme. In this report, we demonstrate that uric acid (UA), the most abundant antioxidant in plasma, reacts directly with NO in a rapid irreversible reaction resulting in the formation of 6-aminouracil and depletion of NO. We further show that this reaction occurs preferentially with NO even in the presence of oxidants peroxynitrite and hydrogen peroxide and that the reaction is at least partially blocked by glutathione. This study shows a potential mechanism by which UA may deplete NO and cause endothelial dysfunction, particularly under conditions of oxidative stress in which UA is elevated and intracellular glutathione is depleted.

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RE: Inactivation of Nitric Oxide by Uric Acid

#2 von Chris (edubily) , 17.06.2015 09:54

Sehr gut. Danke für die Arbeit.

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